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Best Epoxy Flooring in Atlanta, GA

More Atlanta, GA homeowners than ever before have discovered that a local epoxy contractor offers unique flooring materials that last. From custom epoxy flooring to polished concrete surfaces, unique outdoor decking and more, you have more choices for your floors.
Your home will look lovely when you hire the best polished concrete contractor and epoxy services provider throughout the community. When you need experienced installations and longer-lasting floors, there’s one company that more residents trust for any service needs.

Garage Floor Epoxy Atlanta
Epoxy Floor Coatings Atlanta
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Commercial Epoxy and Polished Concrete Installation

At Atlanta Epoxy Floors, we continue to provide the best in epoxy flooring, polished concrete, and more building services to hire. Your custom floors will look lovely for longer, and our experienced installers guarantee better results for any custom projects, including the following:

  • Garage Epoxy Floors
  • Epoxy Floor Coatings
  • Metallic Epoxy Flooring
  • Polished Concrete
  • Stained Concrete Floors
  • Decorative Concrete Surfaces
  • Epoxy Floor Repairs
  • Epoxy Surface Maintenance
  • Flooring System Replacements
  • Concrete Flooring Repairs
  • Free Service Estimates
  • And more epoxy services

No matter which materials or styles suit your building the best, we always achieve better epoxy and polished cement floors. Give your house an elegant and durable approach to its flooring needs and see the difference our team makes.

An Epoxy Company Near Me

Epoxy floors have traditionally been used by commercial and industrial buildings, but more residences are adopting them for their flooring. When epoxy gets installed correctly, it provides years of maintenance-free performance and a striking appearance in any room or living space.

Hiring us means receiving an installation team who is located nearby, helping you avoid long wait times. No matter where in the broader Atlanta area you happen to call your home, we will arrive fast with superior flooring.

Atlanta Garage Floor Epoxy

You can rely on our contractors for your best installation, repairs, and epoxy floor replacements throughout the city, every day. Call us now for your fast and convenient choice for advanced flooring options throughout your neighborhood, including in the following areas:

  • West Peachtree Battle
  • Mount Paran Parkway
  • Whittier Mill Village
  • Harvel Homes
  • Wilson Mill Meadows
  • Green Forest Acres
  • South River Gardens
  • Rebel Valley Forest
  • Old Fourth Ward
  • Marietta Street Artery
  • Loring Heights
  • Five Points
  • And more area communities.

When your home deserves the best in new epoxy floor systems, you won’t find a better choice anywhere else around. Contact us now for your free service quote, and enjoy the advanced flooring systems you will love for years.

Our Services

The following are our most common services for epoxy flooring in Atlanta, GA

Epoxy Floor Atlanta

Among the most popular applications of our products is a quality new garage epoxy floor to replace boring gray ones. From complete surface installations to garage floor coating methods, we create the best results for any intended use or needs.
You will notice a quieter, softer garage that doesn’t lose out on its industrial nature, all without constant fluid stains. Your new epoxy surface won’t form structural cracks as frequently, and repairs are quick when it needs maintenance.
If you are searching for a straightforward way to add more value to your home, epoxy garage floors remain practical. Best of all, it will feel like a more comfortable space, as the epoxy coating helps trap moisture and keeps rooms cool.
Your garage will perform better against dropped tools, spilled chemicals, and daily wear and tear. Keep your areas appearing like new with us. We offer the highest quality of new system installations for any rooms.

Atlanta Epoxy Floor Coatings
An epoxy floor coating may not last as long as a complete system, but it still looks great for years. The concrete epoxy easily spreads on an existing flat surface, paving the way for straightforward installations and simplified repair options.
Although offering your home an epoxy coating remains the simple way to enjoy its benefits, not all concrete surfaces work. The area must be thoroughly cleaned and repaired before the product goes on, or else it won’t stick for long.
There are also climate and weather considerations to take into account, and too much humidity can cause system failure. When you don’t use a professional installation team, you could quickly see bubbles, peeling, and other frustrating problems forming.
Your new epoxy concrete can be installed in virtually any room, and it goes on faster than complete systems. Add value to kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and more today by hiring our installation team for your home for better results.

Atlanta liquefied Metal Epoxy Floors
Many people have come to notice the uniqueness and elegance of metallic epoxy floors from images in the internet or in showrooms and restaurants. Most of them have always been intrigued of the materials that have created such amazing floors.

Few surfaces achieve a stunning finished appearance quite like professionally-installed metallic epoxy flooring. These floors feature a deep milky effect that mimics lava lamps, liquified metal, and other unique effects.

They offer a breathtaking alternative to standard gray garage slabs, or for one-of-a-kind interior living spaces. Whether you need something resembling other options or you want the material to speak for itself, call us for installations.

Atlanta Polished Concrete
Did you know that houses don’t have to use traditional flooring materials such as carpet or tile? Your existing concrete slab can be used for a long-lasting approach to daily floor needs when you get it polished.
The process is a time-consuming one, and installing these flooring systems demands experience, skill, and attention to detail for success. Otherwise, you could quickly cause surface cracks and damaged tools and equipment, and still not have working floors to enjoy.
Your concrete gets buffed and polished to a striking sheen, and then dyed, stained, or painted for complete customer customizability. The flooring possibilities created through professionally polished concrete surfaces remain virtually endless, making them a popular option for many homeowners.
When you feel it’s time to try something unique for your floors, allow us to provide you with lasting quality. Your new polished concrete floor systems will look elegant every day, and they require little to no maintenance to stay looking lovely.

Atlanta Stained Concrete
Stained concrete takes your house’s polished cement flooring options further than before with deep colors that won’t fade anytime soon. Even daily sun exposure and heavy foot traffic won’t leave a mark on these floors, and they only need sweeping.
Your new floors can mimic any other building materials, including carpets, tile, hardwood, and other common surfaces with polished concrete. Once the colors take hold, your new flooring system remains ready for your daily needs and requires little maintenance services.
Most homeowners agree that the depth and richness of the dye remains a stunning focal point in any living space. From creating unique bedrooms and living rooms to giving your kitchens and bathrooms better floors, stained cement systems get results.
The applied stain uses a chemical reaction to set into the cement, where it remains for years without maintenance concerns. Enjoy lasting color with our stained concrete flooring services and see the difference the right installation team can make today.

Atlanta Decorative Concrete
Concrete flooring doesn’t only have to stay an option for interior spaces, and most patios and decks need professional help. Decorative concrete installations will add lots of value to any area, including your outdoor spaces, by mimicking other building materials.
Maybe you enjoy the appearance of travertine or stone, but you don’t like how much their installation costs will run you. Considering how long some of these other materials take to set into place, they aren’t worth the additional time.
Instead, we can take your existing slab or pour a new surface, and then get to work making it beautiful. These floors’ finished sheen or faux mimicked materials look natural anywhere you need to see them, indoors and outside.
Decorative concrete remains an ideal choice when advanced options remain unavailable, and we can help you save more on yours. Update your backyard patio, swimming pool deck, or interior living spaces with our best selection of decorative concrete flooring choices.