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Do you want to make your garage a paradise? Take pride in your garage floor, get an epoxy coating installed and you’ll see the benefits for years to come. Our Epoxy Garage Floors are good looking and durable. They withstand pretty much everything other than snow mobile treds which we don’t have much of in Atlanta.

We have a three part system where we grind the concrete slab, lay down a coat of epoxy, broadcast flakes and then finally install a coat of polyaspartic. Installing garage floor epoxy over the concrete flooring is one of the best ways to have a beautiful garage that let’s everyone know how well maintained your home is.

Remodeling your home can be an exciting but incredible task. Including epoxy garage floor  in your next home upgrade can transform your garage into an area that is more than just being a place for parking your cars and a storage space.

Epoxy flooring is one of the most popular flooring options for your garage. It may not be the cheapest but it is one of the most economical choices. The benefits your garage floor will gain from a properly installed garage floor epoxy will definitely make it worth the extra cost.

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Epoxy Protects the Garage Floor

With the normal wear and tear of a garage, your concrete can start to have cracks and problems. Coating your garage floor with epoxy can help any atlanta garage floor.  Epoxy flooring can provide protection to your garage floor to prevent it from cracking and chipping allowing you to use it for many years. Of all floors in your home, garage floors take the most daily abuse. Epoxy flooring installed in your garage makes the concrete floor more durable to take on trucks, motorcycles, cars, kids and many more.

Epoxy Garage Waranty

Based on the type of floor you want, we will insure your floors for you with a manufacturer warranty. We use the best epoxy garage coating system and our epoxy garage floor installers are certified and expertly trained.

Various Design Options
Epoxy flooring is available in various colors and designs to suit your needs and preferences. Colors can also be combined to create customized colors. Paint chips, ornamental quartz and even metallic options can be matched with epoxy to impact the overall look of your garage floor.

Atlanta Garage Epoxy Floor

Repairs Damaged Concrete

Epoxy flooring is probably the most efficient option for resurfacing concrete flooring.  Installing epoxy flooring is an easy and quick way to repair cracked, stained and damaged concrete garage floors. The self-leveling qualities of epoxy flooring create a polish and even finish that will cover any marks, cracks and chips on the concrete floor.

Slip Resistant

Traction is of top priority in garages to prevent accidents in every activity that go on in this area. Additives such as flakes and chips may be added to epoxy flooring to create an anti-slip textured finish.

Resistance to Stains and Moisture

Epoxy flooring is resistant to stains and moisture allowing it to withstand frequent oil and grease leaks and spills common in garages. It is also resistant to water, deicing slats, petrochemical spills and any contaminants. Anything that spills on the epoxy flooring can be easily wiped with a damp cloth with mild soap.

We were professionally trained on these techniques by the industry verterans at National Concrete Polishing Of Tampa.

Epoxy Coating Atlanta
Easy to Clean and Maintain

Concrete flooring is extremely difficult to clean. Stains, dirt, dust and grime easily remain on the surface. Epoxy flooring is a seamless flooring system that prevents stains, dirt and grime from collecting on the surface. Cleaning is as easy as sweeping and mopping. Regular cleaning with water and mild soap can make epoxy flooring maintain its god-as-new look for many years.

Enhances Garage Function

The aesthetic appeal of epoxy flooring enhances the function of your garage. A garage was once simply just a place to park your vehicles and a storage space for useless stuff. With epoxy garage floor you have transformed your garage into an additional functional living area where your family can enjoy many bonding moments.

Enhances Brightness

The high gloss finish of epoxy flooring allows it to reflect light of up to 300%. With that, it is able to improve the brightness in your garage reducing the need for artificial lighting.

Same Day Installation

We have our epoxy garage floor systems down to a science. If the garage is clear and clean, we come in grind the garage coat with epoxy, flake the floors and give a top coat. The next day you can walk on the floor and you’ll be able to park on it in two.

Wise Investment

Upgrading your garage with epoxy flooring will give you good returns. While it creates aesthetically beautiful floors, epoxy flooring more importantly provides efficient and beneficial gains.

Green Option

Epoxy flooring installation is environment friendly. It does not require the dismantling of the existing concrete floor. It is able to create a new flooring system while minimizing waste materials which could be harmful to the environment.

Concrete flooring in your garage over time will show signs of aging. It will chip, crack, discolor and have oil and gas stains. Properly installed garage floor epoxy is the easiest and most convenient way to bring back the dazzle and full function of your garage floor. Contact Us for a FREE estimate.

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