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Atlanta GA’s best Concrete Resurfacing Company. That’s right, we said it and we’re sticking to it. We love resurfacing concrete floors and have been doing it for a very long time. We get to know the concrete, fixing the cracks and making sure that the slab is solid. Following that we grind the slab and can do anything from decorative concrete resurfacing, stained concrete, epoxy flooring and many more types of concrete resurfacing. Ask us, we’ve done it.

If you’ve noticed any damage, cracks, erosion, chemical spills and damage in your concrete floor, you probably want to give us a call. The fact is, Atlanta is humid. Concrete doesn’t do great in humidity so if you live in Atlanta, you want to make sure a professional is doing your concrete resurfacing.  Whatever the problem iswwith your concrete floor, Atlanta Epoxy Floors will come to the rescue. Like we said before, we pride ourselves in being the best concrete resurfacing contractors and we’ll come to your rescue.

As a homeowners or business owner, you want to have pride in your floors. If you think that your old concrete is showing signs of imperfections, discoloration or cracks not only is it embarrassing but it can be a hazard. You have many options if your goal is to give your existing concrete a face lift.

What to look for in a Concrete Resurfacing Contractor?

Concrete resurfacing companies today should have a lot of experience. There are a lot of concrete contractors in Atlanta that have been doing this for years and could really be considered stone masons. The important thing is that the contractor not only knows their concrete but has connections to good manufacturers that can give you inexpensive materials. You also want them to be good business owners and provide you with great customer service.

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Best Concrete Resurfacing Options In Atlanta

  • For concrete flooring with minimal damage you can opt to install polymer-modified overlays or coatings over the concrete flooring. Overlays and coatings come in a wide range of colors and patterns.
  • Staining concrete can make some of the imperfections actually look pretty cool and rustic.

If your concrete slab is really struggling, obviously we can come in and repair cracks. We can also sand the concrete slab down. However, if the concrete was not originally mixed correctly and continues to crumble or crack, a concrete overlay might be your only option. This is something we would need to see a lot of pictures for and potentially come out to check the slab in person.

Initial Concrete Resurfacing Steps:

  • Application of a primer to create a durable and strong concrete surface to ensure proper binding of the new product.
  • Shot blasting or diamond grinding to open the pores and to prepare the concrete surface for the application of a new product.

Concrete resurfacing is a safe and affordable flooring solution for commercial, industrial as well as residential areas. Concrete resurfacing contractors work to bring back to life old and dull concrete floors and provide concrete floors with many benefits:

Best Southeast Florida Roofing

Best Southeast Florida Roofing

Resurfacing Your Concrete Will Make it Stronger & More Durable!

Cracks and signs of aging make concrete weak and not able to perform the way it should. Concrete resurfacing repairs these cracks and makes the concrete up to 3 times stronger and more durable.

Resurfacing your concrete can make it look nice!

Concrete resurfacing allows the creation of renewed and unique concrete flooring. Resurfacing concrete means you can now apply unique colors and textures to the concrete flooring. Epoxy is always an option as well, particularly if you have an garage that needs epoxy.

Concrete Resurfacing is Cost Effective!

Concrete resurfacing saves a lot of time and money. Concrete resurfacing and building new concrete achieve the same goal – beautiful concrete floor that is strong and durable. Concrete resurfacing however is a much cheaper option than pouring new concrete.

How do Concrete Resurfacing Contractors Work?

The main job of concrete resurfacing contractors is to give old and damaged concrete floors new life. This is provided that concrete only has cosmetic defects but still in good condition.
The process of concrete resurfacing always begins with the preparation of the concrete surface:
● Thorough cleaning of the concrete surface to remove stains and grime.
● Repairing holes and cracks to create an even and smooth concrete surface in preparation for resurfacing.

  • Grinding the concrete slab to make sure it’s perfectly level.

● Application of the new flooring system.
Some of the concrete resurfacing work concrete resurfacing contractors do on the repaired concrete include:

Concrete Staining Atlanta<

Concrete Staining

This flooring technique includes the adding of vibrant colors or mottled earth tones to thee concrete surface to create effects that could mimic natural stones or even leather. Sawcut patterns can be added for a decorative upgrade.

Concrete Polishing Atlanta

Concrete Polishing

For a mirror-like finish even without etching and applying stains to the concrete surface, concrete polishing can be done. The grinding and polishing process makes the concrete surface denser and less porous so it can be stain resistant and less prone to damage. This permanent concrete resurfacing process is ideal for basements, garages, retail stores, grocery stores, hotel lobbies and other residential spaces and commercial establishments.

Concrete Overlay Atlanta

Concrete Overlay

This flooring system is done by installing a new layer of concrete over existing concrete surface. Overlays can be stained or stamped to resemble more expensive flooring systems such as slate, flagstone, brick and even hardwood planks.

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Epoxy Flooring Atlanta

Epoxy Flooring

Sloped roofs provide a striking architectural style that efficiently allows rain to run off. They can also prove a challenge when they need repairs and maintenance, and not everyone offers services for them.
While steeped roofs often utilize asphalt shingles, they can get created from a variety of materials. If your home could use some personality, we can build your sloped roofs best.