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Epoxy flooring installation may look like a simple project but it requires a lot of skills and expertise. It also requires the use of top of the line equipment and tools to ensure proper installation.

Concrete has properties far different from masonry and drywall. Concrete contracts, absorbs, expands and breathes. It also contains different levels of lithium, silica, calcium and chloride. Some concrete surfaces may have excessive moisture content. All these play huge roles in the installation of the epoxy coating.
 Whether in your home or business, epoxy flooring installation will require that the space concerned should be vacant. Furniture, tools and equipment in the area need to be removed and operations need to be halted for the duration of the flooring installation.
Unsatisfactory or improper epoxy installation can cause unexpected delays that may mean additional costs. Trusting your epoxy flooring installation to the wrong epoxy flooring company can also result in disastrous circumstances.

To ensure you are working with the right epoxy flooring company, here are some questions that the company needs to satisfactorily answer:

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Questions To Ask Your Epoxy Flooring Company

Lots of companies in Atlanta act like they know epoxy floors, but really, they also do doors and handyman work. There are many flooring companies that offer epoxy flooring installation even if such is not their field of specialization. Epoxy is a product sensitive to humidity and heat thus proper concrete surface preparation is important to ensure successful epoxy installation.

Choosing an epoxy flooring contractor that has credible and vast experience in this field is a must. A highly skilled and experienced epoxy flooring contractor will understand the requirements and constraints of your flooring project and will know how to properly prepare the concrete surface prior to installation to avoid unexpected problems and interruptions.

Who will be performing the epoxy installation?

Many epoxy flooring contractors hire general installers as sub-contractors. These can be dangerous because these sub-contractors may not be expert epoxy installers. Should problems arise the sub-contractors will refer you to the epoxy flooring company you are dealing with which could cause some delays.

What is included in your concrete surface prep?

Concrete surface preparation is an important step in the epoxy flooring installation process. Diamond grinding is the most preferred method of proper concrete surface preparation. Make sure the epoxy installer you hire should be doing just that.

What epoxy product will you be using?

Always make sure to ask what epoxy product brand the contractor will be using. He should be using only industry-grade epoxy product from a well-known manufacturers that are not available in home improvement stores.

Top quality epoxy products are often only sold to professional epoxy contractors who have the knowledge and skills to use the product the right way to limit the risk of warranty issues from the manufacturer. Here is flooring supplier in singapore.

How many coatings of epoxy will be applied and what will be the overall thickness?

Make sure that the number of coatings and the overall thickness of the epoxy flooring should be included in your contract. 100% solid epoxy in most cases would only require one coat with a thickness of at least 2mm.

How long will it take to complete the job?

Epoxy flooring installation is quick and fast but you should know the number of days it will take to complete the job. Small or even large areas can usually take 4-10 days to be completed.

Well-skilled and experienced epoxy installers can handle up to 35,000 square feet in about 5 days. They have the right equipment and tools for a fast and quick installation.

What is your warranty?
Warranty must cover product defects and workmanship. An epoxy flooring company that is confident about the epoxy products they use and their workmanship will always offer a warranty. Make sure to read the fine print in the contract.

Can you work around our busy schedule?
The best scenario would be to have an epoxy flooring installation without or with minimal interruptions to the home or business activities or operations. Reliable and trustworthy epoxy contractors should be willing to work around your schedules even if it means working nights and long shifts.

There are a lot more of other issues and concerns you need to clear out with the epoxy contractor you wish to work with. The above questions are the most basic but nevertheless important issues that will give you a good framework to determine the right company to work on your epoxy flooring project.

Epoxy flooring may run into a number of issues if not done by a reliable and expert epoxy flooring company.  Such issues as peeling, presence of air bubbles and build-up of moisture beneath the epoxy coating can be avoided when working with the right epoxy installers

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